Friday, July 31, 2009

:: Shopaholic!! ::

Hello beautiful people of the world!!

I've been very happy these past weeks as I feel that my life is finally on its track. I laughed a lot, I talked a lot, and I shopped a lot. And I really mean a lot! Its scary to even think of the things I've bought this past week.. *shiver*

Well, anyway, the way I look at it, I'm contributing to the economy of our country.. I keep the money rolling. They declare 'sale', I support it. Simple as that.

What if there's no one like me? The clothes in the boutiques would be out of season because everyone refuses to spend, then they had to be returned to the manufacturer for quarter of the original price.. then these boutiques would suffer losses and eventually had to shut down.. when all the major boutiques shut down, big shopping complexes, which the government built with a lot of our money, in a hope to gain more money, had to be closed down when all the boutiques cant afford the rent.. then what will happen to Malaysia?

What will happen if the KLCC (where I spent a big chunk of my money in) is no longer making money? How are they gonna pay the gardeners? What will happen to the park when there's no gardeners? Eventually when the KLCC garden is not maintained, it will turn into a jungle.. and there are bound to be wild animals in the jungle.. What if the animals like tigers and snakes attack our children? Just because people don't wanna spend?

No thanks.. I'm saving the children and the country from all this... I'm spending!

So lets shop!! La Senza is having a great sale now.. Come on down!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

:: T.I.R.E.D ::

Very tired.

Slept at Wangsa Maju.

Woke up at 7.

Went to Rhaudah - gorgeous!!

Lunch at Kuang.

Phone ran out out battery.

Went to IKEA - tak cukup duit, pinjam duit amir RM10.

Sat down and drink.

Went back to Wangsa Maju.


Went back Bangi.

Tired!! Sleep!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

:: Happy Birthday Abah ::

Yesterday, 15 July 2009 was my father's 54th birthday. I, being the eldest in the family, always the organizer, planned for some sort of a celebration for him. At first we wanted a quiet dinner with the whole family in a restaurant somewhere in KL. But somehow, in the midst of the discussion with the rest of the family member, karaoke session was mentioned. So that was it. We went for a karaoke session in Redbox Sogo. The food might not be as good as the hotel food, but the entertainment factor was definitely better.

We had fun singing all sort of music, mainly oldies.. Songs like 'Tell laura i love her', because it was the song from the days when my father was busy mengorat my mom.. to songs like 'berita kepada kawan by abiet g ade' because the lyrics are great.. To the song entitled 'Halijah' simply because that's my mom's name. The fact that song is in bahasa orang asli, made it even more enjoyable. We made up stories based on the video clip about what the singer is singing about this lady named Halijah.. It was hilarious!

It is so nice to feel the closeness of our family again. The closeness that we sometimes take for granted because of our busy lives. Its nice to watch how my dad serenaded my mom and made her laugh to tears. Its nice to see my mom so comfortable in my dad's arms and vice versa. This made me wish for a family just like ours. A partner who is gentle, loving, funny and committed to giving only the best for his family.

To Abah, Encik Jaafar bin Mahadi, Happy Birthday. I may not be the best behaved daughter for you, but you are definitely the best father any girl could ask for. Your endless support, your love and your prayers have made me the more sensible person that I am today. I am blessed to be your daughter and I wouldnt trade it for anything else at all in this world. Semoga abah panjang umur, sentiasa sihat, ceria dan tenang selalu. Kami semua sayang kat abah. I love u so much! Mwahh mwahh mwahh!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

:: Advice of The Month ::

I receive a lot of advice from left right and center all the time. Some I think are very useful and some I don't but keep it at the back of my mind. A good friend of mine once said, things are said all the time about everything. Some good, some bad. The most important thing to remember is that only Allah has the power to make our mind and our heart accept whatever advice that is given to us.

So if you cant comprehend something immediately, don't dismiss it straight away. Don't even comment on it. For there will be a time when that particular advice might be useful. I hold what he said to heart and true enough, I realize that we may hear the same ol thing over and over again but when Allah decided to open our heart, we could really listen and practice the good piece of advice.

Yesterday, I received a comment on this blog about my previous post. Ray of light said (I hope you don't mind bro..) :

Let me quote a hadith (with highlights on the bolded words)

"Seven (types of) people will be shaded by God in His shadow on the day on which there will be no shade other than His: a just ruler; a young man raised in the worship of God; a man whose heart is attached to mosques; two people united in the love of God who join for Him and separate for Him; a man who is summons by a noble and beautiful woman to whom he says, “I fear God”; a person who gives charity secretly such that his left hand does not know what his right hand is giving; and a person who remembers God in seclusion and whose eyes fill (with tears).
-Abu Huraira

In life, there would be many friends and acquaintances that we will meet. Some will teach us, some will learn from us, some we will share our hearts with, while others we will keep it hidden.

But the most precious would be those that we meet and join because of Allah and when we part ways it is also because of Him.


His words, or rather the hadith touched my heart to the core. I've read and heard about it a few times but didn't really pay attention to it, but somehow, it gave me goosebumps when I read his comment. Could it be because he is sincere in giving advice, or that he speaks or wrote from his heart, I'm not sure. All i know is that I'm thankful for the support shown towards me.

Now, back to the hadith. Isn't it wonderful to know that the things mentioned are all achievable things that can be done by everyone including u and me? Especially the bolded part. I don't dare to comment further on things that are related to Islam for I fear giving the wrong comment and wrongly preach the mass. So just read it and analyze for yourself.

I also received a rather good advice from a man today. The man I met in AKPK (great program about financial management by the way.. Will spill more later). He said, "Allah bagi rezeki pada semua orang. yang Islam, yang bukan Islam, yang baik atau yang jahat. Semua akan dapat rezeki dariNya. Cuma yang membezakan setiap orang tu cuma keberkatan rezeki tu and sama ada kita akan dibalas syurga atau neraka, which is our ultimate destination. If the syurga we desire, Work our way towards keredhaanNya and take only monies that are meant for us."


It is so wonderful to receive all these advice from everyone. Keep em coming dear friends.

All of you take care of each other now. Say things that are good or don't say anything at all.

Monday, July 13, 2009

:: Tribute To Friends ::

"I select my friends.. I cant be friends with everyone. Those who make dumb jokes, I hate. Those who don't earn much, I hate. Those who flirt while being married, I hate.."

That's what one of my close friend once said. I kept quiet at that time of the conversation because I wanted to avoid friction. But the truth is, we are all special in our own way. And judging a person is not really our job in the first place.

I have a few friends who are earning very very little and a few who are unemployed and to be honest, they thought me a lot of things on how to save money and proved to me that all the best things in life are indeed free.

I have a few friends who constantly make dumb jokes. In fact, most of the time, I don't even understand their jokes and sometimes are offended by their jokes. But these are the people who thought me to laugh at anything at all. We don't need a*tro for entertainment if we see the world in a new humorous perspective.

I have a few friends who flirt with other women behind their wives back. I don't condone the act but they are the ones who help me recognize the 'buaya' easily. And honestly, based on experience, those guys who flirt and talk about women constantly are the ones who are harmless. Those quiet guys, 'konon-konon baik' guys are the ones u need to be careful of.

This past months made me realize I should count my blessings. I have a lot of great friends who stuck with me thru my ups and downs. From crying out of nothing in mus' place and being the 'bahan' till now, to sessions of starbucking and random conversations with amir to sneaking into the cinemas without buying any tickets with arip and ijok, to enjoying the scenery of the tasik under hot blazing sun with munir, to endless sessions of teh tarik and karaoke with almost everyone, I realized that whoever my friends are, they each have something wonderful to offer. Granted, they also have their own unique weaknesses, but why focus on the negative when the positive is much more wonderful?

So today, from the bottom of my heart, I thank all my friends. Be it those whom I see frequently or those I see less or those I don't see at all but somehow are connected with me albeit only through electronic devices.


Friday, July 10, 2009

:: What A Wonderful World!! ::

I have added spring to my stride today.. I can't help smiling from ear to ear.. I feel warm fuzzy feeling in my stomach.. hehehe..

Why am I feeling this way? Well, cant really pinpoint 1 exact reason, these maybe the contributing factors:

1) I ate a lot, I mean a lot of sushi's..

2) I bought a nice white work shirt.. (I have been eying it for quite some time now.. every time lalu esprit tu asik jeling je tapi tak beli2 gak..)

3) I watched a few good dvds before sleep last night.. (Big Stan, Vicky Christina Barcelona and How to lose friends and alienate people.. all feel good movies.. very nice..)

4) Had a very important meeting and the result is very very gooooddd!! (don't ask now.. will tell u more later, when its all confirmed in black and white.)

5) Found out that all my friends are really mature and they don't take sides.. (yey!!)

6) I saw a Hummer H3 in Bangi!!! Woohhooo!!! (I've always been a big fan of hummer. I think its the sexiest vehicle in the whole wide world. And I know I would look gorgeous driving it.. )

So basically that's it.. See how simple things can really make ur day? Below are pictures of the black hummer that I saw in bangi last nite.. Start drooling...

*pictures copyright of the car owner*

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

:: DARN!! ::

My quit smoking check-up was today. I went, feeling a little anxious.. knowing that I've been smoking this morning.. I entered the clinic, passed the appointment book, checked my BP and was asked to blow into the Carbon-monoxide detector thingie..

I took a deep breath and blew. And it shows 7!! From 21 to 2 to 1 and now up again to 7??!! Damn! All this from that one freaking ciggie I had this morning? I didn't even need the ciggie.. saja je gatal tangan mintak kat orang.. hampeh tul..

I waited for my name to be called in.. Berborak with this very kind makcik.. with the kind nurse an finally my name was called. I entered nervously and true enough, the doctor scolded me like nobody's business. Hehehe.. i said nothing coz what she said was true.. It was stupid for me to smoke when I've passed the hardest part which was to stop cold-turkey in the first place. Its like I took 1 step forward and 2 steps back.. hahahah..

Anyway, the kind doctor asked me what went wrong and I started talking about me being a little disturbed because its July now... then about my job... then about me not being able to sleep till subuh.. Then she started motivating me.. Amazingly, I was all ok after that mini counseling session..

Isn't it amazing how some people who are not even related to you, not the same race or religion as you, not the same age as you can give you comfort just by showing true and sincere understanding and empathy.. I really adore the doctor..

So from now on.. I'm never gonna touch the ciggie stick ever again! Huaaarrrggghhh!!!