Thursday, July 16, 2009

:: Happy Birthday Abah ::

Yesterday, 15 July 2009 was my father's 54th birthday. I, being the eldest in the family, always the organizer, planned for some sort of a celebration for him. At first we wanted a quiet dinner with the whole family in a restaurant somewhere in KL. But somehow, in the midst of the discussion with the rest of the family member, karaoke session was mentioned. So that was it. We went for a karaoke session in Redbox Sogo. The food might not be as good as the hotel food, but the entertainment factor was definitely better.

We had fun singing all sort of music, mainly oldies.. Songs like 'Tell laura i love her', because it was the song from the days when my father was busy mengorat my mom.. to songs like 'berita kepada kawan by abiet g ade' because the lyrics are great.. To the song entitled 'Halijah' simply because that's my mom's name. The fact that song is in bahasa orang asli, made it even more enjoyable. We made up stories based on the video clip about what the singer is singing about this lady named Halijah.. It was hilarious!

It is so nice to feel the closeness of our family again. The closeness that we sometimes take for granted because of our busy lives. Its nice to watch how my dad serenaded my mom and made her laugh to tears. Its nice to see my mom so comfortable in my dad's arms and vice versa. This made me wish for a family just like ours. A partner who is gentle, loving, funny and committed to giving only the best for his family.

To Abah, Encik Jaafar bin Mahadi, Happy Birthday. I may not be the best behaved daughter for you, but you are definitely the best father any girl could ask for. Your endless support, your love and your prayers have made me the more sensible person that I am today. I am blessed to be your daughter and I wouldnt trade it for anything else at all in this world. Semoga abah panjang umur, sentiasa sihat, ceria dan tenang selalu. Kami semua sayang kat abah. I love u so much! Mwahh mwahh mwahh!!!


Myra Nasseries said...

Faizah, *I ternangis*.
Happy Birthday Uncle Jaafar!

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

awwww... thats so cute!.. Will pass your birthday wish to him..

Take care myra!