Saturday, November 22, 2008

:: Penyerahan Watikah ::

Hi Peeps..

I've been really busy lately. My department is trying to push everyone to do at least 15 appointments every week. Which means averagely 3 appointments everyday. I have no problem with that since I've been doing 3 to 4 appointments everyday anyway. The thing that I'm not so comfortable with is the extra paperwork.. But all in all, I'm still happy going to work everyday and I love the fact that my boss recognizes the staffs talents and weaknesses.

Apart from that, I'm busying myself with anything horses. I just love being with the animal, and learning about them bit by bit. Being with the only animal in the world that perspire is just like being with a 6 year old child. They throw tantrums once in a while, they manja with you when you treat them well and they adore you when you put their needs first. Even with their 1 week memory span, they are so irresistible to me.

The past few days I've participated in the preparation for this 'penyerahan watikah' of georgetown and melaka to the Yang Dipertuan Agong. They are having 20 of DBKL horses carrying the riders dressed in complete 18th century attire and an elephant for the ceremony. The day before yesterday was the rehearsal and a few of the horses got really nervous and jumped everywhere in front of the stage. So yesterday they have changed a few horses and the full rehearsal went on smoothly. The riders look so macho in their malay attire, complete with tanjak and sampin, the horses behaved amazingly and all the dancers did a great job.

Anyway, the event is gonna be tonight at around 7:45pm at Dataran Merdeka. Pls do come by if you are around the area. My advice is to come early as we are expecting a lot of people, with the school holiday and all. If you do come, take care of your children. Don't let them approach the horses from behind. We don't want the same incident as last year!

Oh by the way, I'm going riding again this Sunday! yey!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

:: First Of Million Posts ::

Hi there Beautiful people..

Life throws you curveballs sometimes, its acceptable. I've been thrown a few curveballs lately and one of them forced me to change my blog to this one here.

Yup I'm a bit sad about it all but when I asked myself, whats the worst that can happen? Nothing much really.

So here I am, starting again, in my life, my career, my passion as well as my blog.

I officially declare that anything posted from the older blog is no longer from me. Thats an impostor!

(I guess its true when they say "imitation is the highest compliment"). To that someone who is trying to be me in the blogging world, thank you.. I'm flattered beyond words.

Take care peeps..