Wednesday, April 29, 2009

:: La Tahzan ::

Hi Peeps..

Please excuse my silence..

I'm reading La Tahzan..

A present from a dear friend, Capt Mus a.k.a Capt Bongek..

Exactly what I needed at this point of time..

Will tell you more about the book when I actually finished reading it.. So far, its been amazing!

And yes.. well spill more about this dear friend later too..

So now, Shhhhh.. I'm continuing reading the book..

Take care peeps..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

:: Things Will Come When We Least Expect It ::

Have you ever closed your eyes real tight till it hurts, hoping for something to come your way? Desperately wanting something that you think your life might crumble if you don't get it soonest possible? 

The thing I learned from all this little 'dugaan' that the Almighty has presented to me is that you will get what you deserved. Allah Maha Adil. When you don't get it, have faith that He is actually protecting you from something that might come your way if you were to get what you asked for. Or maybe the timing is not right for that something to be presented to you at that moment. 

Funny thing about life is, just when you thought you've hit rock bottom, just when you thought that your life couldn't get any worst, just when you thought you are the biggest loser in the universe, you are blessed with things beyond your imagination. Things that you have been asking and hoping for all your adult life.

I'm grateful for the loving family that I have..
I'm grateful for the health that is blessed upon me & my family..
I'm grateful for the friends who are constantly supporting and non-judgemental..
I'm grateful for the neighbours who are protective..
I'm grateful for all the opportunities that come my way..
I'm grateful for the knowledge learned and still pouring in from every angle..
I'm grateful for the little luxuries in life..