Tuesday, June 28, 2011

:: blleerrrggghhh!! ::

Monday, June 20, 2011

:: Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat by Dato' Ismail Kamus ::

Salam makhluk Allah yang comel lote sekelian!

Rasanya dah lama gila aku tak buat book review.. dan rasanya dah lama gila aku tak tulis dalam bahasa melayu.. so blog post hari ni akan ditulis dalam bahasa melayu rojak, yang aku biasa guna.. (Sorry cikgu BMku Puan Amnah.. saya takde niat nak rosakkan bahasa melayu!!)

Sejak pagi lagi harini aku asik teringat je kat buku ni.. tajuk dia 
Indahnya Hidup Bersyariat, tulisan Dato' Ismail Kamus
Buku ni aku first time terima n nampak masa hari bersanding aku, 17 Julai 2010. Buku ni pemberian seorang teman, Puan Nora. Memula tengok tu aku agak teruja la jugak.. tapi bila dah selak dalam, aku gila2 teruja! Buku ni sangat best!

Pernah tak korang cam tak berapa sure pasal isu2 agama tapi rasa cam segan nak tanya.. ataupon korang tatau nak tanya kat sapa.. haa buku ni pada aku banyak explain pasal 'menda2 segan nak tanya' ni.. Pastu pernah tak korang google something especially when it comes to isu agama, pastu dapat penjelasan, pastu korang baca punya baca, tak paham2 gak.. haa buku ni siap ada gambar dengan full color lagi.. so proses pemahaman tu senang sikit aa aku rasa..

Aku rasa buku ni sangat la sesuai dimiliki oleh semua orang islam, baik yang muda ataupon tua.. buku ni gak aku rasa sangat sesuai kalau bagi hadiah kawin ke.. hadiah harijadi ke.. hadiah apa2 la.. Takyah la takut orang kata poyo ke.. macam bagus ke.. sebab bagi hadiah buku agama.. yang penting niat.. takdenye poyo bagi orang buku.. especially buku yang kita tau sangat berguna dan akan memberikan kebaikan kepada si penerima.. Kalau orang yang terima tu kata korang poyo, biarkan.. doakan biar dia simpan buku ni supaya suatu hari nanti  Tuhan bukak kan hati dia nak baca buku ni..

Kesimpulannya, aku sukaaaaaa buku ni!!!!! kepada sesapa yang tatau nak bagi hadiah apa kat teman2, consider la buku ni.. Buku ni dan buku mengenai Ummul Mukminin adalah buku2 favorite aku untuk bagi kat kawan2 sebagai hadiah kawin.. Insyallah manfaatnya kepada pasangan pengantin sangat besar! 

Ok la korang.. Aku bagi buku ni 10 out of 10.. (in term of simplicity and usefulness..)

tata.. Renung2kan... dan selamat ber'amal!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

:: When Will I See You!! ::

I have many dreams when it comes to meeting the underwater creatures.. One of the biggest dream is meeting the gentle giant, the Whale Shark (above picture). And seeing this phenomenon in Mexico is just amazing! I envy those snorkelers!

Some of my other dreams are:

1- Meet the Basking Shark

2- Meet the Mola Mola

3- Dive the Blue Hole

4- Swim with the Dolphins

5- Meet the Thresher Shark (not Treasure Shark!!) - thanks to Loly..

Thursday, June 9, 2011

:: NTV7 Public service Announcement :: Sukaaaaa!!!! ::

I think its great that Malaysians are now opening their eyes in battling the extinction of sharks as well as cruelty towards animals.. Go Go Malaysians! Kudos NTV7!! Next, lets burn down those chinese restaurants with big ass signs of "WE SELL SHARKS FIN" in front of their restaurants!! Especially those in Bukit Bintang..

Monday, June 6, 2011

:: The Next Level ::

Hello Kind People of the Earth!!

Something has been bugging me this past few days.. Its not a big thing but when you're alone, idly doing nothing most of the time, your mind tend to wander and inevitably satan will play its part. 

That said, I am very lucky to have wise friends, whom i can go to for advice or just for inspiration. So this morning, I came to work with a disturbed mind. Didnt know what to do, I talked to the wise man.. he sympathize and empathize with me. I felt relieved. Then he mentioned something that made me think hard about things that I've already learned and known. Its just that sometimes, when you dont practice what you know, you tend to forget.. you are after all only human.. 

When I was telling him about my challenge, he interjected and told me that I need to get through this in order for me to get to the next level. OMG!! Its been quite a few years since I heard anyone other than myself, talking about the 'level'. I always say things like, we vibrate at the same level, or we need to shed some burden (including negative friends) for us to rise to the next level, or things like that but I doubt a lot of people understand me. I preach this to my husband all the time.. only because I want us to evolve and grow together to the next and better level.

That conversation meant a lot. i feel much better. I now realize that I just need to stay calm, especially during this pregnancy period because, my wise friend said, satan loves to interfere with a pregnant woman's mind and evoke fear and doubt because that is the time when women are usually weak and full with emotional hormones. 

And now, I am psyched and motivated! Sticks and stones are never gonna shake me! No money to buy my Lumix? So what? I still have my Nikon.. Cant go to Sipadan? So what? there's always next year.. Friends dont want to be friends? So what? I have my friends who still vibrate at my level and we grow together towards the next level.. No money? so what? I still have my health and loved ones..

This is what i tell my hubby all the time.. 
"Associate yourself with successful people, and their success will eventually rub off on you.. Associate yourself with problematic people and you will eventually get some of their problem.. Its inevitable!!" in short, "Birds of the same feather flock together".. Drug addicts will be friends with drug addicts (because they vibrate and stay at the same level).. Businessmen will be friends with businessmen (again, because they are in the same level).. rich people will have rich friends (because of the same reason).

So dear friends, things that dont kill you will only make you stronger.. Be aware of what you put into your head because your subconscious mind is so powerful, it will attract whatever you are thinking.. in simple terms, whatever u say or think about, is your doa.. if you think and say it often enough, Allah will grant it for you. So bersangka baik dan berkata baiklah sentiasa.. 

A book I would like to highly recommend is Power of your subconcious mind by Joseph Murphy. A must read!

So there you go!.. Take care fellow friends of the same level.. Love you!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

:: 31st May 2011 ::

Its that day again.. My 32nd birthday.. woot woot!!!

Long ago, i would be wishing for a surprise karaoke celebration attended by loads of friends with loads of presents.. Long ago, i would wish for a huge bouquet of flowers to be delivered to my office by my other half, followed by a grand dinner and an expensive present when I get home.. Long ago I was naive. Long ago I was immature. 

This year, he asked me what I want for my birthday and in a heartbeat, I replied 'nothing', coz i already have everything that I could ever wish for. And the amazing thing is, i meant it. i really did. 

I am content with my life and am truly thankful for it. 

I have a beautiful, loving and caring family.. My parents and brothers, they were and still are my greatest fan and supporter.. And now i have my in-laws who love me, and care for me and treat me with respect and love.. 

I have a wonderful husband. With whom I feel safe and loved. A husband who knows his responsibilities and works hard to provide for his family.. A husband who knows how to make me laugh my head off.. (a friend from MMU once asked me (and i think it was recorded) "apai, describe your dream guy" I said, "bald, tall & funny! Most importantly, FUNNY!"). That affirmation became a reality when I married my husband. I guess its true when they say, speak only of good things as what you say is your 'doa' and will eventually become your reality.

I have a beautiful baby growing inside of me.. A gift from Allah that I am truly thankful for. Every kick brings a smile to my face.. Knowing that he will be here in Ramadhan makes it much more meaningful. InsyaAllah its a boy, and going to be born in August. We are going to name him after my late brother, Faizal (who was born on 16 August 1980). I'm praying for his health and I'm praying for Allah's guidance for me in becoming a great mom.. 

I have a beautiful shelter, near my office and hubby's shop, a safe home, not too big and not too small, just nice for us.. 

I have a stable job, where I get to practice what I believe in.. Where I can fight for the environment and get paid for it.. Where I can go diving and be considered as working.. 

I have loving friends. Friends from my primary school in Johor, from secondary school in SBPS, Sabah & SIGS, JB.. Friends from MMU, friends from Flare, Air Asia, Emirates, CIMB, Royal Selangor and Edaran. Friends whom I met along the way.. Horse riding friends, Diving Friends.. Friends who support and stick with me when I hit rock bottom.. Friends who celebrate and laugh with me when I'm at the top of my world.. Most importantly, friends who are honest and love me for who I am.. As friends, we grew together and we embrace each other's change and advancement.. These are the friends who will be with me till the day I draw my last breath.. To those 'friends' whom I've lost along the way, thank you for making my life meaningful when you were in it.. Good luck in your life and should our paths crossed again, I hope we will be vibrating at the same level.

So Alhamdulillah! I am counting my blessing! May this year bring much happiness and wisdom from the Almighty. 

When one man, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he has no right to keep it to himself.

~ Jacques Yves Cousteau