Wednesday, June 15, 2011

:: When Will I See You!! ::

I have many dreams when it comes to meeting the underwater creatures.. One of the biggest dream is meeting the gentle giant, the Whale Shark (above picture). And seeing this phenomenon in Mexico is just amazing! I envy those snorkelers!

Some of my other dreams are:

1- Meet the Basking Shark

2- Meet the Mola Mola

3- Dive the Blue Hole

4- Swim with the Dolphins

5- Meet the Thresher Shark (not Treasure Shark!!) - thanks to Loly..


Lolyta said...

Amazing isnt it? Am still not over the pictires from nat gep. Jeles gilaaa!! And yes those are my dreams toooo!!! Lets pray we'll encounter them some day!

P.s. Btw, did you mean thresher shark?

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

ooo ya la ly.. its thresher sharks isnt it? patutla cari gambar treasure shark tak jumpa!!! i tengok nat geo tv ada documentary pasal this shark, the commentator tu sebut macam treasure shark..

Thank you so much for that!

absolutely emy said...

besar nyer basking shark tu... dia tak makan orang ke? semoga impian apai tercapai yer.. :)

appai said...

Emy, memang sangat besar!! gergasi yang manja.. makan plankton je.. gigi pon takde.. camne nak makan orang.. orang je yg makan dia.. in fact, seme shark2 kat dalam post ni seme jenis yang manja.. bukan predator la..

and aminnnnnnnn!!!!!!