Tuesday, February 24, 2009

:: Bosan!! ::

Aku bosan gilaaaaa

Bosan dengan seme orang..

Bosan dengan seme benda..

Bosan dengan kepura-puraan..


Sunday, February 8, 2009

:: First of Many Jobs ::

I have my own business now.. (hooray!!) Its a souvenir supply business which I initially started with two more partners. However, because of some unforeseen circumstances, we parted ways. I was crushed but I had to go on.

Anyway, my first job was with an event company who was planning a family day for Bank Pembangunan. I got to supply them stuff like paper fan and a few souvenirs. Mind you, I don't have any cash whatsoever. I had to borrow left, right, front and back to pay the supplier.

I had to go for meetings with client, liaise with supplier, pick up and deliver items from Jln Genting Klang to KL a few times, lift heavy items up and down the supplier's and client's office, all while still working 8 to 5.

It was not easy.. seriously not easy..

So today was the actual event in zoo negara & I decided to help out. OMG!! It was extremely tiring!! But the good thing is, I got a few more contacts and a lot more business opportunities. So that's why boys and girls, be humble to help out & never compromise on quality!

Ok now I cant even lift my finger to type. So if you'll excuse me, I need my beauty sleep now..

Take care peeps.. Luv Ya!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

:: To Reply Or Not To Reply ::

This beautiful morning I was bugged with a few conundrums..

Should we get pissed when someone doesn't reply our SMS?

Especially when that someone asked you to SMS in the first place?

At this age, this technology era, can we really accept the 'no credit' excuse?

Should we really use prepaid when we have a stable income and a good job?

Should we entertain all those miss calls? and when do we say "enough is enough!. If you don't have the money, dont call me"?


go figure!