Sunday, December 28, 2008

:: Its Been A While ::

It has been a while since I blog, hasn't it? Truth is a lot has happened.

Last 13th Dec was my company's dinner. I was one of the committee member and was suppose to be one of the hosts. I was suppose to shine and make myself know among the 2000 employees of the company. However, something that i couldn't get out of came up and I missed the rehearsal. So in the end they replaced me with another girl. I was crushed by the last minute replacement but most of all, I was crushed because I let my team down. And seeing the disappointment on their faces just broke my heart. Tapi takpe. I did shine. Maybe not as bright, but I did shine nonetheless. hehe..

I'll post the pictures of the dinner when I finally got my hands on them.

In the meantime, take care peeps.

If I dont see u, happy new year! And Selamat Menyambut Awal Muharam.. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

:: Horsing Around ::

Yesterday I got bored sitting at home. So I called En Rosman and asked if I could ride. He said that I could so I went at around 5. So for the first time, I used my brand new chap and riding boots yesterday. Yeyyyy!!!

At first he was a bit skeptical about letting me ride freely in the paddock, but after 2 rounds of lunging, he decided to let me loose. Since I'm ok with my trot (thanks to En Penn & Awi), he taught me the sitting trot. The thing about sitting trot is that its good if you free your feet from the stirrups. The point is to understand and follow the horses movements and to let the horse feel your instructions with your legs.

Being a gung-ho rider, I released my foot from the stirrups and loosen the rein. (mind you, i was scared but then I remembered Razi's & Razif's advice, "horses can smell your fear. So don't show any. When you're on them, you're the king!"). Then I started to control the horse using my legs. It was Amazing! The horse (whos name is 'deaddog') actually did what I asked him to do!

So today I went riding again.. I was suppose to canter and maybe learn diagonal but unfortunately I got a lazy horse today. He didn't even want to trot properly. Maybe it was my fault as i felt a bit tired and sleepy from all the rain. Ah Well, i can always do it tomorrow..

During all this, I met some amazing people. All the horse community actually know each other and what amazes me is that they always have nice things to say about one another. I am also blessed to know the right people like En Penn & En Fuad & Cikgu Mat Din. So when I mention any of them, I always get special treatment, support and respect beyond words. So that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you have to respect people, be nice to them, and appreciate them. You will get the same treatment in return. It makes life so much easier.

So ok peeps.. Need to have my massage now. My body aches like nobody's business.

Take care!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

:: Pictures of Cherating Trip ::

Baby & Me
Amir & Encik Penn
Me & Alex
Me & Alex again
Again, Me & Alex

Penn 1, 2 & 3


Notice En Penn in the middle...

Monday, December 1, 2008

:: Heavenly ::

What a weekend!!

I really wanna post some good pictures of me with the horses, of En Penn and family, of Amir & Awi.. but unfortunately, I lost my USB cable.. so that pictures would have to remain in my phone for now.

What I really wanna talk about now though, is about family. I've seen broken families where the couple beat up each other and say nasty things just for spite. I've also seen mediocre family where the members just go along with life and try their best to be nice to each other. And now I'm proud to say that I've seen successful family where they love each other and the people around them that it shows through their faces.

I went to Cherating last weekend. A dear friend has been asking me to come since early this year but I haven't had the chance to go until last week. Again, the first class hospitality was presented to me with much care.

On Saturday, Mr & Mrs P invited me to their home in Kemaman. I was exhausted from all the riding and lack of sleep but I felt their sincerity, so I went. Upon arriving, I was amazed to see the house. Its gorgeous!. The son, whom I call abang took me for a tour of the house (or should I say mansion) and may I say, he did a great job explaining things to me. No doubt one day abang will be a great host, just like his ayah.
Then theres adik. She has the most gorgeous hair I've seen on a child. (according to her mother, that hair is her original hair, which they never cut since birth) She's a bit reserved and very polite and cautious.
Then there's baby. Now she is a true extrovert little girl. She speaks her mind yet polite enough for me, she is manja and so cute that my heart just melts whenever she talks to me.
The eldest was surfing in her room but courteous enough to come out and salam with me. She reminded me of myself when I was a teenager. U know, all the door locking and demanding of privacy thingie.. hehe.. (boy, am I old or what!)

Now I've always been known as kids magnet. Somehow (and I still don't know why) kids warm up to me easily. And being with a lot of kids made me realize that life is actually simple and easy if we treat the present as the most important moment in life. Not the future, not the past. Have you ever notice how kids are so enthusiastic about the littlest things and they never keep grudges? Now that's something you could never get from any teacher anywhere.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. Later that day, En Yusry (En P's brother) and family, along with his mother dropped by at En Penn's. En Penn introduced me to his mother and get this. I've never had the privilege to meet the mother before. I've heard all sort of nice stories about her though from all her sons. But when I stood up to salam with her, she gave me the warmest smile ever. She took my hand and right after I kissed her hand, she held my neck and started hugging me like I'm someone special or a long lost relative. That simple gesture touched me beyond words. Now I see why all her kids and grandkids are so passionate and caring persons. With that kind of love, you could never go wrong. That kind of family is the kind of family that I would love to have one day. Thank you for inspiring me!

All in all, it was a grand weekend. I only wished En Azhar was there to enlighten me with his stories of life.

I can never thank you enough En Penn.. for your wisdom, your support and of course you hospitality. So this big bright thank you is dedicated to you!


Ok peeps.. I gotta go. I need to go pay my monthly debts now..

Lets all take care and love each other like one big happy family. And lets just be kids just for today..