Monday, January 31, 2011

:: My Advice? ::

Hi peeps..

You know what I think? I think now is 'musim mengawan' for the whole of malaysia.. Everywhere I look, it seems like everyone is pregnant. I heard news of pregnant friend or cousin almost everyday.. Which is good! I'm thrilled for all of them.. The more the merrier!!

And in fact, based on a research, people tend to find out that they're pregnant during winter. Sales of pregnancy tests typically soar in the first month of the year, as more women than usual tend to become pregnant - or just think they are, according to Inverness Medical, the maker of the Clearblue Easy pregnancy tests.

When theres too many preggers around, there bound to be 'free advices'.. things you can eat, things you cant eat, drink this, drink that, dont drink this, dont drink that.. If I'm being very honest, I am very sick of it all.. So one day, I asked my doctor.. is it true I cant drink coffee, milo, tea, soy milk and cant eat pineapples, pumpkins, limes, etc etc?? My doctor said, eat and drink whatever you want.. in moderation.. Only avoid a particular food if it clearly gives you a bad reaction.. Listen to your body.. She said, just enjoy your pregnancy.. read a lot of books, and try to relax more.. Prepare yourself mentally and physically to become a mother. 

Phewww!! So preggers, you CAN eat!!

My only advice is, (if I may) stay close to your husband.. you need all the emotional support you can get. Especially when your homones are all over the place during pregnancy..

A dear friend/client/mentor of mine once said this,.. "Faizah, take my advice.. sembahyang at least satu waktu berjemaah with your husband.. you may not see the result immediately but you will one day.." Thank you Encik Wafa.. I can definitely feel the effect of the ritual now.. the level of respect towards my husband also increase over time..

So take care peeps.. If you are a future mummy, enjoy your pregnancy!! I will only last 9 months!

p/s: patutla dulu abah takkan benarkan aku balik lepas maghrib.. dia insist gak kami semayang maghrib jemaah satu family.. banyak faedahnya rupanya.. hmm


A RAY OF HOPE said...

Makan je lah apa pun. Asalkan jangan makan benda pelik2 sudahlah...

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

True kan? Tu nasib baik la I tak mengidam makan selipar ke.. Simen ke..
Kalau nak ikutkan sangat pantang larang tok nenek ni, kebulur la org pregnant..

Aapitz said...

yuhhuu...happy mommy to be, enjoy this journey and treasure this moment together...

All the best to get thru this pregnancy... :)

Moga dimudahkan semuanya...U take care

apai said...

Thank you Aapitz... Doakan aku beranak tak sakit..
He he he.. (gelak nervous.)

U take care too!