Wednesday, February 9, 2011

:: My Happy Places ::

Hey beautiful and kind people of the world!! Wasssaaaappppp!!!!

Today, I'm psyched! Could be because of a few reasons:

1- I now have a new boss.. (long overdue, I know) and he is the direct opposite of my ex boss.. my ex boss was evil, this new one is extra super humble and polite.. my ex boss was a liar and corrupt, this new one is pious and honest.. I've known him for quite some time and honestly, he is one of the most humble human being on the planet.. I dont know that many people, especially those with wealth, stature and title, who would stop and bow his head slightly every time he sees me.. and say, with an honest smile.. "cik apai, apa kabar?".

2- The small family gathering at home last night.. Mak, Abah, Mama, Kamal, Ayed & me, we enjoyed wonderful food from Saba.. Nothing much, but I really enjoyed it.. We had a great laugh, updated each other and talked about everything under the sun.. Now that was quality time with family to me..

3- I managed to organize my pictures in this lappy. And I found loads and loads of pictures that brought a smile to my face.. I love it!! It makes me realize that my life is actually blessed. Blessed with my in-laws who are all nice and respectful.. I am blessed with a husband who loves me and share the same passion, that is scuba diving.. I'm blessed with parents who are always supportive in whatever I do, brothers who are very loving and respectful of me.. Actually, now that I think of it, never once, and I mean NOT EVEN ONCE have we argued! How amazing is that! Yeah we disagree on things sometimes but somehow we can talk and discuss about things and when we cant find an agreement, we turn the subject into a joke.. We respect each other's opinion all the time. Never once have I raised my voice in anger to neither of my brothers because they showed me the utmost respect deserved by an older sister. They were there during my ups and downs, always supporting and comforting.. I couldnt ask for more, seriously!

Well anyway, there will definitely be another post about my brothers soon.. In the mean time, enjoy these random pictures, which happen to be my favorites.. Never fail to bring a smile to my face..

So Smile People!! And Say Alhamdulillah..

Take Care of each other..


A RAY OF HOPE said...

Cool pics. Glad to know that you're happy :) Take care of yourself.

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

thanks.. i am indeed happy.. or trying my best to be by avoiding all stressful things.. u too take care bro!