Friday, November 19, 2010

:: Wedding Ceremony in General ::

Hey gorgeous people!!

Its been ages, I know.. I've been wanting to write but somehow I managed to create millions of excuses not to.. Well, the truth is, I miss it.. I miss this.. I miss just letting my head free and ramble on about everything under the sun.. 

Ok enough of that.. Now lets talk about the recent activities.. (where do I start???)

I am now married.. the ceremony was held in July. 10th was the solemnisation in Bangi & 17th was the reception in FRIM. (since we are both from KL, we did it only once)

To tell you the truth, I have no desire to go into details about the ceremony.. To me, a wedding ceremony is just a ceremony.. People are often blinded by the desire to make the ceremony as memorable as possible. But does memorable equals expensive? I seriously dont think so.. To me, a memorable ceremony is a ceremony done differently than others.. a ceremony that doesnt succumb to the stereotype.. one that is personal, matches the couple's lifestyle. 

If the couple loves bling2, then their memorable ceremony should feature a lot of diamonds and sparkly thing.. if the couple loves cars, then their memorable ceremony should somehow incorporate the cars.. For us, we love diving, outdoor and nature. We strongly uphold the environmental friendly lifestyle as our way of life and therefore our memorable ceremony was held in FRIM. (We were thinking to do it in Redang but because of the logistic and cost, we dismissed the idea). 

Now the costing.. why do people think that getting married will cost you an arm and a leg? Is our society too obsessed with what people think and say? I heard recently about a couple who is getting hitched in a 80,000 ringgit wedding ceremony.. That is not including hantaran, mas kahwin & honeymoon. Why??? The couple is of an average income family and the money they used is actually a loan from a bank.. Why spend all those money for something that will only last 5 hours? Wouldnt it be more wonderful to spend the money for a honeymoon? or a new house? 

Is it worth starting a new life with a new partner with loads of debts? For what? For a night of glory? No thanks..

And then there's this thing I heard of late called 'pre-wedding photo-shoot'.. Why people? Whyyyy?? That photo-shoot alone would cost more than 1K.. Then the couple would still do a photo-shoot on the solemnisation day and then again on the reception day.. The whole photo-shoots would then sum up to more than 3K. And that is if they use an average photographer. If they were to use a more experienced shooter with a strong portfolio, of course the fee would be higher. But that is beside the point. Why pre-wedding? Why do you want to pay people to document you touching, hugging and committing sins with your partner before you become legally partners? 

I understand the non-muslims doing it.. They are not MUSLIMS! enough said. Clearly muslims are forbidden to even be alone with the partner. 

All in all, I support all those who wanna get married, as long as it is done in moderation and done because of the right reasons.. When a wedding ceremony is done to show your wealth and to be boastful, then it can become sinful...

p/s: ingat 3 perkara yang mesti dipercepatkan! 1) membayar hutang 2) mengebumikan orang mati 3) mengahwinkan anak perempuan.



MYRA said...

Welcome Back Faizah!
Love this post, and yes I agree with all your strong arguments - why would you wanna be in-debt after the 5 hours ceremony? and why pre-wedding shots when you can pose as you like, freely in whatever intimate style you wish after being legally solemnized!

I dont believe in grand weddings too and cliche, typical wedding trends. I like to do it my way, my style and to my taste - and therefore, I did not hire a wedding planner! hehe

Faizah said...

Thanks Wawa!!

who needs a wedding planner rite? Yours turned out gorgeous without a planner.. all we need is a little creativity & passion..

(look at the 'pelamin' in the above picture.. pelamin buat sendiri... heheh) i know i looks hedious but who cares? free vs 1k, (that was the price quoted to construct the exact pelamin) i'd choose free anytime... call me cheapskate or whatever.. i would rather use that 1k for a diving trip..

more posts to come wa.. keep on reading k..

Hazel Anuar said...

congrats Apai.U finally found the love of your life.

Hazel Anuar said...

congrats Apai.U finally found the love of your life.

Hazel Anuar said...

congrats Apai.U finally found the love of your life.

Apai said...

thank u Hazel..