Sunday, November 21, 2010

:: Project AWARE Celebrities ::

Great Sunday Everyone!!

I know I mentioned in my last post that I have no desire to talk about our reception, but in light of this new information, I have to tell a little bit about the event..

See, our aim when planning the reception was to do it moderately, with the environmental friendly concept in mind.. which means to focus and spend more on good food, and do the rest ourselves. So I did my own make up and hair, got Hajar (my SIL) to design the card and printed it on recycle paper ourselves (without envelope because nobody keeps envelope right? so why not save some trees), and as for door gifts, we decided to educate our guests.. At the same time, we want the door gift to really portray 'us' as a couple. 

Since we both love diving so much (and the fact that we met underwater in Redang), we commissioned a friend of mine (Mims) to draw (or stoodle as she calls it) a picture of us diving. The stoodle turned out great! We printed that stoodle on a brown bag, which by the way costs us around RM6 for a bag of 100pcs brown bags.. on the reverse side, we printed something that we think everyone should know.. 5 ways to help protect the coral reefs.. On our first draft, I listed 10 equally important ways to save the reefs but since the bag was not big enough, we slashed it to 5. 

The reason we chose the brown bag other than its super cheap, is because we just wanted the bag to be a medium for our real gift, which is the knowledge/awareness as well as 3 pieces of bahulus made by my mom.. And even if people were to chuck the bag away just after they enjoy the bahulus and read the information, I wouldnt feel the heartache.. Hopefully they're gonna take the information printed on it and keep it with them for the rest of their lives..

Now for the bahulus, they were made by my mom. Since at that time she was seriously planning to start a bahulu business after her retirement, we thought that the least we could do was to help her advertise her business.. So again, we designed a simple card for the bahulus. I did a short story, just like I would write a blog, and place it in the bag, together with the bahulus of course. 

the bahulu - click on pic to enlarge

the front cover - click on pic to enlarge

the story - click on pic to enlarge

the story - click on pic to enlarge

We glued the handle made of 'tali guni' ourselves and begged our friends to help us insert the bahulus in the brown bag..

Well anyway, a few days after the ceremony, we had a chance to visit the MIDE (Malaysian International Dive Expo) in PWTC. It was there that I approached the Aware Project counter and told them about our little bag. They were so thrilled by our effort and insisted that we posed with the bag for them. 

Long story short, we were featured in their blog and website.. (The 'chinese' bit was incorrect but what the heck..). So check it out!! This made it all worth it!! Our plan to educate only our guests turned out to be more than that.. We wouldnt have done it any other way! We couldnt ask for more..

click HERE to view the website

click HERE to view the website

So thats it! Thats how we became project AWARE celebrities.. Which is way better than appearing in Vogue for us.. 

Enjoy peeps!!


Aapitz said...

hummm, bagus2... I VERY THE LOIKE....!!

Keep writing please...hehehehe :P

Apai said...

thanks Aapitz.. keep on reading k.. :)

hajar aman shah said...

Oh my GOD!! totally awesome...yup beats posing for vogue. two-thumbs up.

Apai said...

yeyy!! thanks ja..