Thursday, June 4, 2009

:: Smoke-Free Appai!! ::

Today marks the 2nd day of me without cigarette.. I had my doubts about quitting so I went to one of those klinik berhenti merokok thingie. And surprisingly, it was quite good.. They are gonna do a weekly monitoring on me.. And the first step is to announce to the world your desire to quit. So that people would stop offering you ciggie and start supporting and encouraging you.

So here I am announcing to the universe...


This is actually harder than I ever imagined. Arrggghh!!

I need all the support I can get from everyone. And by support I mean be patient with me when I get irritated, remind me not to drink coffee, let me rest when I yawn like nobody's business and never ever smoke in front of me at least for a month! These symptoms are called withdrawal symptoms. Its a result of nicotine withdrawal from your body. And the body is actually doing its job cleansing my organs from chemicals and toxins. Arent our bodies great! (Subhanallah!!)

Oh ya.. and remind me to jog. As I could gain some weight because food would actually taste and smell better when I don't have all these chemical in my body.

Oh by the way, thank you for all the birthday wishes.. Thanks Amir for the gorgeous red bean bag, Thank mr anonymous for the perfume, thanks Mus for the book and dinner, and thanks for the rest who actually remembered my birthday.. Thanks you guys.. u're the best!

K.. Take care all.. Luv Ya!!


nadya.s said...

happy bday beb!!! semoga trus dirahmati & dilindungi allah selalu.

i maybe not the best friend for you.. but im always here 4 u when u need me..

and, gudluck and i love you a 1000 more kalau ko smoke free :) i support u 1million time over n over again :)


Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

thanks a lot beb.. i appreciate the support.

luv ya..