Saturday, April 14, 2012

:: Rita Rudaini, bersabarlah ::

Hello beautiful khalifah of the world..

I am not a gossip junkie. I dont read mangga or oh bulan or even the gossip column in newspaper. Gossipping is just not my cup of tea.. nothing against those who like it.. (bak kata my sifoo, separuh orang suka durian, separuh orang tak suka.. so hormat je la..)

But yesterday, when I saw the headline on a newspaper, i was intrigued. i wanted to know more. so read all the gossip blogs and sites about her divorce case. I was saddened. My heart felt heavy. I can only imagine her feelings. Being let go like that, left with 2 kids, without any support from the in-laws. (lets just ignore the fact that she got the devastating news on her birthday!).

I'm not interested to discuss and write about who's wrong and who's right. To me thats not important. I am more concern about her journey from here on.

If only I know her, I would tell her this...

Rita, Pray really really hard. berdoa dengan bersungguh2. Doa orang teraniaya adalah antara doa yg dimakbulkan. Tell your sorrows to Allah. Weep to Allah. Cry your heart out to Allah. No body in this world can help you more than Allah can. He knows whats best for you. mungkin ini sesuatu yang baik yang telah dirancang Allah, yang kita sendiri tak tahu kebaikannya. Do your semayang hajat, do your solat taubat n do your tahajud. Minta ditenangkan fikiran for you have to be as calm as a swan in fron of your 2 gorgeous boys. Dont bother explaining anything to anybody.. you dont have to. I know being a parent is a hard job and a big responsibility. Being a single parent is way harder so ask for His help. Amalkan selawat Fatimah setiap hari sebelum tidur (subhanallah 33x alhamdulillah 33x allahuakbar 34x) insyaAllah akan membantu.

Thats it. know that dugaan Allah datang untuk menguji kita. "memintalah kepada Allah denan jalan sabar dan menunaikan solat. sesungguhnya solat itu amat berat kecuali bagi orang yang khusyuk" albaqarah.

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