Friday, April 27, 2012

:: Happy Together, Forever.. ::

p/s: Picture taken by my bestie, Nadya (thank you babe! love u!). She took this is July 2010 but I only notice it today when I idly look into my picture collection in my mac. OMG! This is what happens when you are too busy living a fast life.. You miss out on beautiful things..

So today, on this very blessed Friday, lets slow down, lets enjoy the small things, lets enjoy each other.. Enjoy that sip of coffee in the morning.. Enjoy that brief smirk of your son, Enjoy that refreshing splash of water when you perform your wudhu..

I guess this is why Allah emphasize on tomakninah.. so that we stop for a bit, and not rush thru everything.. that brief pause could do us good after all..


nadya.s said...

Click LIKE button 1000 x la hah!... love u too babe!!

absolutely emy said...


peah @ peps said...

such a lovely of luck, u guys..

A time for us

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

thank you u olsss.. hehe..

amy, dulu sweeettt sebab slim sikit.. skang dah sour dah.. hehe.. dedua dah naik badan..