Monday, February 20, 2012

:: The Bald and Bold Ziqri ::

Due to this horrid weather, we decided its best to cut his hair again. He went bald the first time during his aqiqah.. Thats for the sunnah. (And besided, his pediatrician said shaving his hair would actually help his brain grow. It enhances blood circulation in the head and therefore would be great for his brain).

Anyway, this time we just cut the hair real short. Ziqri's hair is amazingly thick and because of that, he would sweat like nobody's business when he's breastfeeding, even if the room if fully air-conditioned. (because breast milk if warm and being cuddled during breastfeeding, most of the time skin to skin with me, he tend to sweat a lot). 

So today, Atuk, Tokmi and daddy cut his hair. I've yet to see him but thanks to the technology, I've received pictures.. Yeyyy!! Cant wait to go home! Now why is the clock not moving!


nadya.s said...

hey hey..tu baju aunty nad beli kat london utk xiqri kannnnn.... mmg macho ah!

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

ya betul!! nanti aunty nad belikan lagi eh.. hehe