Wednesday, January 25, 2012

:: Farewell Facebook! ::

Hello beautiful Khalifahs!

As of yesterday, I am Facebook free!! YAHOOOOO!!! And let me tell u, it has been a loooong time since I felt this free!

When I first registered with Facebook, I was invited by my bestie, Nad. So I registered but left it untouched. I was hooked on Friendster at that time.. (I dont even remember what I did on Friendster) But it was different then. The internet connection was not as fast.. There were very few people who were logged on to Friendster 24/7 via their phones. You had to find computers with internet connection to access your Friendster. So logging on to the net was a bit of a hassle and therefore very seldom.

Then I moved to Dubai. I took the etisalat wireless plan and was logging on to friendster everyday. Mainly keeping in touch with my malaysian friends. When I came back to Malaysia, the facebook fever was at its peak. I finally accepted defeat and joined in the facebook band-wagon. It was all fun in the beginning.. You get to poke friends, send kisses and flowers, find out what your name means in urdu, find out which FRIENDS character is closest to your personality etc etc.. Most importantly, I get to stay in touch with my Emirates friends..

And then I bought an Android phone.. Facebook got a bit more serious for me. I was finally hooked! I check my news feed everyday, I read everyone's status.. I upload zillions of photos.. It was crazy! And then it got ridiculously serious. I couldnt even publish what I feel like publishing. I had to mind my words.. I had to screen everything. Until a family member 'terasa hati'. I wrote something on my wall and he thought it was about him. At that time I got sick of this whole social networking. I long for a simpler life where friends meet up for drinks and talk on the phone.

How many times have you come back from a trip and couldnt wait to publish your photos on FB? (guilty) How many times have you remind your friends to tag you when she uploads your photos? (guilty) How many times have you suppress your hunger just so you could snap a few picture for FB? (not so guilty). How many times have you checked in on foursquare everytime you go anywhere? (not guity! I think its dangerous! Robbers can easily know when your home is empty and when its not!). How many times have start a conversation with "Eh you baca tak status si polan tu smalam? asal aa? dia ok ke?" (err.. why dont you just call si polan and ask him?)

So there you go.. I am Facebook Free!! To all my friends, thank you for still contacting me thru phone and emails.. To my blog readers, thank you for your interest.. We dont need FB to stay in touch.. We just need some effort and sincerity..

Take Care peeps! love you!


A RAY OF HOPE said...'s good to be free.... I have yet to taste that sweetness that is FBfree... my mother in law keeps in touch and want updates about Iman from Fb, so unfortunately I still have it around.

I'm guilty of some of the things you listed but not by very much. I never criticize about other people unless they're public figure (which I believe are fair game :) ) And I'm not hooked on mobile FB, I just like to post photo that I took, especially of Mimi and Iman.

All the best with the blog :)

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

its liberating how much time I have now to cook and clean and just be present with my family.. no more associating everything with FB. When I take picture, I edit & print it and keep it in a real album (instead of FB album)..

But I would have FB too if I were you. Like i said, FB is great for keeping in touch especially when you are abroad. It becomes bad when people take FB too seriously. Its not meant to be taken too seriously (i think). Besides, I think Twitter suits me better. Its normal to tweet 20 times a day, but if you change ur status 20 times a day, hmm not right! quoting my brother, "Twitter ni sesuai untuk orang yang suka membebel.."

p/s: sorry for the late reply..