Tuesday, January 31, 2012

:: Breastfeeding Is Sunnah ::

Salam fellow mortals..

I've shared this video on my Facebook, because I think this video is brilliant... And since I no longer have a Facebook account, I'm sharing this again here.. For those who have seen this on my wall, good for you. For those who havent, please please watch it.

To those who are passionate about breastfeeding and thinks every mother should breastfeed, be a peer counselor.. CLICK HERE

p/s: Mood for today, ANNOYED!! First, Ziqri couldnt sleep last night and therefore mommy is sleep deprived, then my car key was left inside my locked car, then the traffic to work was shitty. I'm hungry but too lazy to eat. I have my bekal for lunch.. just gonna eat that.. (yes, i bring food from home everyday to save some money) Maybe instead of me trying to understand people, people should try to understand me for a change! I am human too.. Try to open ur heart and listen to my side of the story. 

Take care peeps.. Hope your day is going to better than mine. 

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