Wednesday, April 21, 2010

:: Stagnant Life ::

A lot is happening as of late. But somehow, I am bored. Bored of this stagnant lifestyle. Or am I actually bored at work? It seems like when I'm at work, I am wasting a lot of time, mostly doing nothing. I could do a lot more with my time if I'm out and about, not stuck here in my cubicle.

My father, being a wise man that he is, always say that work is ibadah. Do it for Allah. Not for the money, not for the bosses. That thought gives me strength to go to work and do the exact same thing day after day. Now that mira is gone, i'm super super bored! HELP!!!!!


A RAY OF HOPE said...

It's a tough position to be in really. On the one hand you need to survive, and to do that you have to work. On the other hand, you might get some really lousy work.

Indeed your father is wise, that work is ibadah. But it is not ibadah, when the heart is not into it (ikhlas). Maybe it's time to reevaluate your current position.

For the time being, hang on sis!

Wife, Mother and Daughter said...

still hanging on.. i'm praying for something to happen.. cant really mention it here but i'm counting the days till its confirmed.
*pray pray pray*